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Because This Is So Important...

Sharon F. Kleyne
Founder and Chairman

Call it patriotism if you like. All I know is that hundreds of thousands of individuals bravely risk their lives on a daily basis in defense of this country and the protection of our citizens. Anything that I or my company can do to ease their burden, increase their comfort and-especially-lessen their risk, is worth it.

That's why, in addition to producing this special "Emergency Eye Care" edition of Moisture for Life; Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is offering a series of "Clear vision Can Save a Life Seminars" around the country. The free two-hour seminars are available to police, fire, rescue, and military training officers and supervisory personnel, military optometrists and military ophthalmologists. The seminars are conducted by experienced eye care specialists and present much more information than is contained in these articles. If you are interested, please e-mail me. The only requirement is that at least ten people must sign up for each seminar.

SHARON F. KLEYNE, Founder and Chairman
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research
Water and Hydrotherapy

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