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Send Nature's Tears EyeMist To Military or Emergency Personnel

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research had donated thousands of units of Nature's Tears EyeMist to military and emergency personnel and will continue to do so. But it is simply impossible to supply everyone for free. The product is available for purchase at a discount in most military base commissaries in the United States and is being considered by the Department of Defense as a standard issue troop-support item.

The bottlers of Nature's Tears EyeMist make the following offer: The company will pay all shipping costs for Nature's Tears EyeMist purchased online by or for any employee of a police, firefighting, military, EMT, rescue or homeland security agency inside the United States, and/or and a member of the US armed services overseas.

Simply order online at and note under "comments" to whom you would like the product sent, their address, and the agency for which you or they work. Overseas shipments must go to a military APO. Please make sure your loved ones at risk have this important piece of safety equipment available.

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